Over the road trucking is a different style that other trucking options, but it’s rewarding and naturally provides opportunity for experience. Adventure is out there—just hop in your truck and go. 

Over the Road Truck Driver Job Overview

Over the Road truck drivers go long distances with their tractor-trailer. It is a demanding and challenging job that requires great skill, stamina, and concentration. Over the road truckers must be able to safely operate their vehicles in all types of weather and traffic conditions, and they must be able to stay alert for long periods of time. The job is extremely rewarding, however, as it allows drivers to see different parts of the country and meet new people.

Long highway in fall with cars and trucks

Over the Road Truck Driver Career Path

With your CDL in hand, simply find the company you want to look for, or go the distance as an independent contractor. Like the wheel, your future is in your hands.

Red semi with empty flatbed trailer driving on highway

Income and Demand

Due to the nature of the duration of your trips, your income may be higher than other types of trucking. And as with all truck driving careers, the demand is at an all-time high, and will be for the foreseeable future.


$63,000 – $75,000
Average Income

Semi truck merging onto highway

Job Highlights

See the sights, meet the people, rack up the miles. Love to travel? This is your ticket.

Semi truck merging onto highway